Brain and Pituitary Tumour Specialist in Sydney

Dr. Jeffrey Brennan is a board-certified and fellowship-trained neurosurgeon with a special interest in complex neurological conditions, including brain and spinal cord disorders, brain tumours, and pituitary tumours. He specialises in the comprehensive diagnosis, treatment, management and surgery of neurological disorders. Dr. Brennan is focused on delivering quality patient care and improving outcomes with his person-centred approach as a highly competent healthcare provider.

Below, we’ve published relevant information on brain and pituitary tumours, from general considerations, such as symptoms and neurological diagnostic tests, as well as your treatment options. Each treatment plan is personalised based on several factors, from a patient’s medical history to the gravity of their ailment.

Neurological disorders are disorders that affect the brain and the nervous system. Structural, electrical, and biochemical irregularities in the brain, spine, or nerves can lead to a variety of symptoms.

Brain and pituitary tumours are among the severe types of neurological disorders. If you experience any of the symptoms detailed in our guides, make sure to consult a doctor immediately.

Brain Tumours

Pituitary Tumours